A Borderless World and Workplace

It’s a Sweet, Suite World We Work In In South Florida, we commonly ask new acquaintances, “So, where are you from?” It’s one of those getting-to-know-you questions. And, in South Florida, the answer to your question could be just about anywhere! Living in one of the most culturally-diverse areas of the United States highlights [...]

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Removing Distractions Effectively: Five Ways to Promote Engagement at Your Next Meeting

Staying engaged at even the most important meetings can be a challenge for all of us. From mounting to-do lists to electronic devices, so many things compete for our attention – especially at meetings. Staying engaged and encouraging other participants to do the same shows your professionalism and poise. Here some things you can do [...]

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Cypress Creek Update: The future looks exciting for the uptown Fort Lauderdale area!

The future looks exciting for the Cypress Creek area! You may have heard the term, “Uptown”, describing our part of Fort Lauderdale. Uptown is in the 2nd largest business hub in Broward, and the great news is that plans are progressing to redevelop the Uptown area (generally the area of Cypress Creek Road west of [...]

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3 Common Mistakes Meeting Organizers Make and How to Avoid Them

Attending meetings and open forums are probably on the top three lists of things that employees hate spending too much time on. Most meetings drag for too long unnecessarily, and it hampers employee productivity at work. Aside from hampering productivity, unnecessarily long meetings can cause production delays and several people would miss their deadline. [...]

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De-stress – It’s Stress Awareness Month!

Stress is not what happens to us. It's our response TO what happens. And RESPONSE is something we can choose. - Maureen Killoran As we kick off April and the annual Stress Awareness Month, it seems that stress has never been more prevalent. In today’s hypercharged environment, we are inundated with tragedies in the news almost [...]

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A Good Reason to Spring Clean

We are pleased to support Women in Distress in an effort to give women and children that are victims of domestic violence a helping hand to improve their circumstances.  A good reason to Spring Clean Many women and children are forced to leave their homes without most of their possessions for the sake of their safety. They [...]

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