You’re not just wearing a lot of hats – you’re wearing all the hats! Every day you wake up to the challenge of how to get your fledgling startup or established solo business running on all cylinders with the elbow grease of one. Most likely, on top of all this, you have a few personal obligations to attend to like family, friends, hobbies and pets as well. If your to-do list is seemingly infinite, you might be searching for productivity tips that fit your unique needs and can free you up to enjoy the summer knowing you’re also getting things done.

Productivity Tips That Help You Succeed At Your Hustle

Create the perfect workspace. Are you still running your business from the kitchen table? Or, are you working from home but have some remodeling coming up? No matter what the reason, your workspace is directly correlated to your overall productivity. While it may not make sense to take on a large overhead, there are many workspace options that cater to the solopreneur’s unique needs. Whether you need an executive suite, a dedicated conference room for collaboration meetings or shared workspace options, locations like Crown Center Executive Suites can help you achieve the perfect workspace and up the ante on your productivity.

Ignore your email. Don’t be a slave to your inbox; you can end up spending your whole day in reaction-mode and never get a leg up on your growing to-do list. By dedicating three-time slots during each day to check your email, you’ll gain more time to do other important action items, and most of your email audience is not expecting an immediate reply anyway.

Set micro and macro goals. Each day should be driven by small micro-goals as well as macro-goals. It is a great productivity practice to plan your day’s activities the day before with a list of your larger, more long-term projects and those that can be finished quickly and easily. (Insider tip: tackle the harder tasks first for the real productivity win!)

Off-the-clock Productivity Tips To Live By:

  • Draw the line in the sand. Knowing when to turn a project down is a challenge for many of the overachievers in our midst. Whether it’s a project that would overload you, falls out of your area of expertise or come with an I-need-it-by-yesterday deadline, sometimes it’s better to fearlessly say no than to take it on and derail your entire life/work balance in the process.
  • Know when to say when. Oftentimes your business is your passion, your challenge and a slight obsession. All those characteristics will, undoubtedly, guide the success of your venture. However if left unchecked, your dedication to success can also lead to a whole array of problems including burnout, high blood pressure, relationship problems, social isolation and weight gain. It’s tempting to check in at your son’s little league game or during dinner with your spouse (smartphones make it so easy), but instilling “disconnected zones” into your schedule will help you stay fresh, happy and ready to work when the time comes to make your magic.
  • Look after your most important asset. No, the most important asset is not referring to your laptop; it’s you. Don’t compromise on your own wellbeing. Be sure to schedule regular checkups at the doctor, eat healthily, get plenty of rest and exercise. You might even seek out opportunities to settle your mind and control stress with yoga or meditation.
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