There is a plenty of information these days to help you with online (or digital) marketing. While everyone is jumping on that bandwagon, we want to remind you of some basics. It is important to remember that a well-rounded business development strategy will include offline marketing as well.

You have heard it before, no one likes to be sold so personal interaction goes a long way toward business development — even in today’s digital world. Like any marketing initiative, offline marketing can be time consuming. Use these offline to boost your business development efforts.

1. Don’t avoid print.

It takes a few times to make your point. Your prospective clients need to see your message in a variety of places. Sure people spend a lot of time on the computer but we also like to live a little.  The mailbox is not the crowded place. Marketing consultant, Jackie Awve, highly recommends integrating your efforts for balance. A business card also has very little geography to get your message across. So why not print a post card to mail or hand out when you are making in-person calls. Companies like VistaPrint make it easy. If you are not sure what you need, a local printer is a great reasource as well.

2. Create an army of brand advocates with happy clients.CCESuites-coffee

Everyone appreciates a thoughtful token gift. Give your client a branded gift. Just be sure that it is useful. Crown Center Executive Suites clients love their coffee and we have a free coffee station — it seemed fitting to give each new client with a coffee mug. Local expert, Mike Gainsburg, from Logo Express reports that the hottest items right now are cell phone pockets (smart wallets) and power banks.

3. Get out of the office.

Don’t get us wrong.  We love spending time with you but let’s face it, starting a business can be a roller coaster of emotions that will take the most confident person for a ride. Sure there are a lot of things on that list of start-up things to do and it is easy to stay close to your desk and hide behind paperwork. But, the best thing you can do to stay motivated and create new opportunities is to get out there, talk to people, and develop your network. In person. Why not start at the St. Paw-trick’s Day event on March 15th?

At Crown Center Executive Suites, we strive to create a different kind of workplace where small businesses can thrive. Our blog, Suite Success provides useful business tips that our executive suite, meeting room, shared space, and virtual office clients can use.