Here are just a few reasons why you should consider creating a virtual workforce.

The advent of technology has made building effective virtual teams possible. It’s also made it possible to access talented individuals to make your business successful.

Here are four advantages to building your virtual army with business owners weighing in on their own experiences:

Reduced Overhead

The cost of operating any business, regardless of size, can be insurmountable. Employing a virtual team that utilizes their own computer equipment and electricity greatly reduces your operating costs. Even if you provide a stipend for them to utilize a virtual office space such as ours at Crown Center Suites, it’s still a significant reduction from the expense of housing your employees in a traditional office space.

Employee Retention

Providing your employees with the flexibility to work virtually shows them that you value their commitment and you trust them to provide a quality work product regardless of where they’re producing it.

Greater Productivity

Many virtual employees work from their home offices, or from co-working spaces like ours within close proximity to their home. The shortened commute allows a virtual workforce to complete their work more efficiently.

“It’s now been a year since my executive assistant and I agreed for her to assist me virtually. The experience since has been great. It’s as if she still were working inside the office. Communication hasn’t changed and I can tell she’s happy working from home where she can still attend to her baby while being a working mother.”

Many businesses can benefit from a virtual workforce. One caveat is to accurately assess your needs before making any hiring decisions.

It is important to be clear what tasks you need them to perform before you start. Also, start slow to assess their capabilities and make sure it’s the right match before you become too invested. ”  


The good news is that using a virtual workforce provides flexibility for a budding business owner as well. Just like flexible workspaces, virtual assistant service providers typically offer short term contract options. This allows you to figure out what works best for your growing company without being locked into a long term contracts.

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