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Tips To Build Meaningful Relationships

4 Ways To Add Real Meaning To Your Relationships Success lies in authenticity. If the rise of the social media age has taught us anything, it has taught us that “keeping it real” is the only real option. We are all inundated with superficial connections on a daily basis, but the deeper more “real” connection [...]

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Our Gratitude Tree is Back

Grateful, thankful, and blessed.  That's how we feel to be able to serve our clients everyday. We know that we are contributing to the community by providing an affordable workspace where people can build the business of their dreams. Our CCES community is goal-oriented, friendly, fun, kind, and professional. That's why we are thankful. The [...]

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Avoid Scary Office Space Choices

Things That Go Bump In Your Office Space This Halloween, we’re not worried about haunted houses, ghosts or scary clowns. It’s selecting the right office space that’s keeping us up at night. Searching for office space can be a frightful task, and making a poor decision can be even more horrifying. Imagine the time it [...]

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Understanding Remote Workers’ Titles

What's in a Name? William Shakespeare famously penned the question in Romeo and Juliet, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” While we’re not star-crossed lovers from warring families, we are hard working professionals with titles that (somewhat) define what we do! With the [...]

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Customer Service Tips | Customer-love is in the air

Customer-love is in the air: Tips to Show Your Customers The Love.  February is the month where we think about love. Customer-love should be on the radar year-round but, in February, it is the perfect time to dig into some great customer service tips to make sure you’re showing your customers “the love.” Why it [...]

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Post Hurricane Irma Business Relief

Post Hurricane Irma Help: 4 Things Florida Business Owners Should Know As our community gets back to  normal following Hurricane Irma, many small businesses have suffered more than physical damages.  They suffered lost infrastructure, missed or looming deadlines, and a change in the flow of business – whether it be a slowdown or increased urgency to [...]

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