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An organized workspace is a productive workspace

Originally posted December 2014, this post was recently edited to provide tips to create a mindful work environment as Working From Home has increased stress and anxiety. As we hustle and bustle through the season, many of us are taking time to reflect and plan. Perhaps you want to continue to work from home or perhaps you can’t wait to get back to the routine of an office setting. Regardless of where you get the job done, a clean, functional work set-up is going to help you with productivity and creativity. 

What is The Great Purge?

As a small business and flexible workspace provider, what do we do to make the most of this opportunity? There are a number of strategic steps we take, but nothing feels as freeing as ‘cleaning house.’ We call it “The Great Purge” and think it is the best way to gain true perspective for the proverbial fresh start. From paper to electronics to workspace logic, we are sharing our best business resources:

  1. Know what you should keep. There are a number of websites that will help you determine you need to keep, what should be filed, or shredded. One of our favorite website for organizational tips is LifeHack. A good example is 20 Awesome DIY Office Organization Ideas That Boost Efficiency.
  2. Go through your old papers and get rid of what you don’t need. Worried about security? There are companies that will come to your home or place of business to take care of shredding for you. Fees vary, however, they generally charge by the pound. Check out Shred-it or Iron Mountain.
  3. Don’t stop with getting rid of paper. Old monitors, printers, cell phones…it’s always hard to figure out what to do with e-Trash. Recycling electronics is easy with ARC Broward, a local charity that offers hassle-free electronics recycling solutions including state-of-the-art data destruction, asset recovery, and environmentally-responsible equipment disposal services for used equipment. Best of all, they provide training and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities.
  4. Pay attention to ergonomics. A kink in the neck, eye strain…worse yet is carpel tunnel. Whether you work from home or in a managed office space, an ergonomically correct environment will keep you on your game. Our friends at Happy DIY Home helped us with 7 DIY Desk Ideas sure to boost creativity and productivity.
  5. It’s time to right-size. With all of the purging and growth planning, now is a good time to re-evaluate the space you need. You may need to grow or downsize based on logistics or budgets. There is no need to sacrifice amenities for budget reasons though. Where to go for help? Well you are already in the right place for that. Whether you are looking for an professional private office space on-demand, a meeting room, a virtual office, we consider ourselves the best small business resource to help you with workspace planning. Be sure to check out our workspace solutions or contact our resident experts for help.

Crown Center Executive Suites has taken proactive steps to ensure that we are in compliance and protective of our business tenants. Stepping up cleaning services and social distancing protocols are in place to help our community use our state-of-art workspaces to keep up their business operations during this time. We will continue to keep you updated as we navigate this landscape together. Our flexible workspace options include:

  • Office space and executive suites
  • Meeting rooms and training centers
  • Shared workspace and virtual offices

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