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Confidence is Good for Business

Own Your Greatness: Get Over Imposter Syndrome Have you ever heard yourself described by someone else and felt the urge to look behind you for someone else? Does writing your own bio to highlight your milestones and accomplishments cause you angst? If so, you might be suffering from some level of imposter syndrome.  Imposter [...]

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Guide To Automation Tools

Using Automation Tools To Save Time (And Possibly Your Business) As business professionals enter full speed ahead into 2020, the new decade likely brings with it big goals. Meeting our stretch goals requires optimization at every level of our professions, and automation may be the secret sauce that ebbs your business (or side hustle) forward [...]

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Survive The Holidays Working Remotely

Your Working Remotely During The Holiday Survival Guide The holiday season is in full effect. Love it or hate it, the holidays bring lots of distractions and stressors that can tax even the most disciplined remote worker on the planet. Working remotely during the holidays doesn’t have to leave remote workers feeling frazzled, pressurized and [...]

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National Simplify Your Life Week Tips

Keep It Simple Stupid + More Top Tips To #SimplifyYourLife In both our personal and professional lives, things can get complicated, cluttered and complex. Add to that mix, an increasingly competitive business environment with demanding work schedules that follow the same trajectory, and life can get downright overwhelming. The first week of August is National [...]

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Leadership Lessons Learned From Baseball

If you’re a baseball fan, you look forward to spring for more than the flowers and warmer temps. You anticipate spending afternoons and late nights listening to the analysis of the pitcher’s strategy and the crack of the bats, and if you’re lucky, you get to break away a few times to see the great [...]

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Tech Tools Remote Workers Need Now

Spread Out Yet Connected: Tech Tools Remote Workers Need Now Today’s workforce is more spread out than ever before, and the trend is poised to continue in the years to come. Using a remote workforce solves office space constraints, opens up the talent recruiting playing field as well as promotes work/life balance. As the workforce [...]

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