The Secret To Your Success Is Closer Than You Think

Ask any business owner experiencing growth or with growth plans on the dashboard what his/her biggest obstacle is, and the answer will likely be: finding and keeping good people. As businesses, both large and small toggle with this pervasive problem, they may find that the edge they are seeking lies inside the organization. Recruiting and retaining top talent is the key to the success of any business, and company culture is the roadmap to that success.

Check out the proof that company culture matters more now than ever before:

  • U.S. unemployment is at its lowest point in over 50 years, with over 99 straight months of job growth. (In other words, job seekers have many choices to consider.)
  • The Department of Labor reports that workers are voluntarily quitting their jobs at the highest recorded rates since 2001.
  • Survey results put out by Duke’s School of Business showed that more than 50% of business executives surveyed felt that company culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value, and growth rates.
  • The largest growing demographic in today’s workforce, the millennial, is prioritizing the intangibles that their employees offer over traditional factors like compensation, seeking positive company culture, personal growth opportunities, and community connections.

Tips To Amp Up The Employee Experience For The Future Success Of Your Business

Start before day one. Your goal of creating a top-notch employee experience should actually begin before your hire date. Putting your best foot forward during the hiring process ensure that top talent doesn’t pass you buy due to common misfires like:

  • Unprofessional, incomplete job descriptions – Be thorough and specific in your job descriptions to avoid missing aligned candidates as well as to ensures you’re hiring for the right fit.
  • Uninspiring interview processes or locations – Workspace considerations start the day the candidate enters your offices. Be sure to interview in a workspace that impresses your potential next top employee.
  • Negative online reputation on social media and job seeker websites like Glassdoor – Keeping a pristine online reputation is more critical than ever before. With a tight job market and online visibility into your company’s inner workings, businesses have to work harder than ever to keep their external reputation squeaky clean.

Consider work/life balance. With drive time commutes on the rise and the increasing trend toward working remotely, your business might find a competitive edge with the employee-experience by offering freedom in the area of work/life balance. Technology tools and creative workspace options make it easier than ever to let your employees choose the work configuration that supports their lifestyle – and helps you recruit the best talent no matter where they are located.

Delve into the environmental details. Ergonomic workspaces, temperatures, noise control, lighting, privacy, and other factors all make up the internal environment of your business. Your company’s culture can be directly impacted by positive or negative details in the office ecosystem. While the Silicon Valley tech startup world once were ping pong tables and in-office beer taps, they’ve realized that things that make life more comfortable for the workers add more value to the company culture ecosystem. Creating a positive environment could be as simple as offering meeting rooms outfitted with the right tech tools or break rooms stocked with coffee and filtered water.

Place a priority on connection. If you have a spread-out team full of contracted employees, remote workers, and satellite offices scattered around the globe, creating a sense of community can be difficult. By fostering face to face meetup and localized meetings, you can cultivate bonds that help your company culture grow organically.

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