Start Your New Year Routine Now

Forget January, Kick Start Your Resolutions Now The new year is the perfect time to start on resolutions to improve your life, your business or your overall happiness, right? Maybe the time to start is, well, now! Why wait until after the holidays have passed to implement your plans? The holidays can be such a [...]

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Our Gratitude Tree is Back

Grateful, thankful, and blessed.  That's how we feel to be able to serve our clients everyday. We know that we are contributing to the community by providing an affordable workspace where people can build the business of their dreams. Our CCES community is goal-oriented, friendly, fun, kind, and professional. That's why we are thankful. The [...]

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Understanding Remote Workers’ Titles

What's in a Name? William Shakespeare famously penned the question in Romeo and Juliet, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” While we’re not star-crossed lovers from warring families, we are hard working professionals with titles that (somewhat) define what we do! With the [...]

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Business Books For Entrepreneurs

Business Books Top Entrepreneurs Are Reading This Summer Summer is nearing its end, but there’s still time to grab a few extra summer vibes and take your entrepreneur know-how to the next level with these recommendations for business books coupled with cool South Florida destinations to check out while you’re digging into your book. In [...]

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