Be part of building your own community.

Build your own business community

There is nothing like a network of business professionals that you can count on.

That’s why you should take part in building your own business community. There are not many places that allow you to do that but that is a benefit of working in a flexible workspace environment and business center.


  1. Hear of someone that needs office space? Have them contact Crown Center Executive Suites.
  2. When they sign an agreement and let us know you sent them, we will give you a check to thank you for your referral.

What’s in it for you? Besides knowing that you are working alongside a like-minded professional, you’ll get a little extra for spending!

  • Virtual office agreement referral:  $25.00
  • Shared space office agreement referral: $50.00
  • Full-time office agreement referral: $100.00

*Referral must sign a 3-month minimum agreement and be current.
*Referral fee will be paid 90 days after referred client signs agreement.