Staying engaged at even the most important meetings can be a challenge for all of us.

From mounting to-do lists to electronic devices, so many things compete for our attention – especially at meetings. Staying engaged and encouraging other participants to do the same shows your professionalism and poise.

Here some things you can do increase engagement for yourself and others at meetings:

Prepare an agenda

An agenda – even a simple one –– will give participants a guide to follow and establishes the items that will be discussed. It also sets the tone for engagement even before the meeting begins and should be distributed prior to the meeting date.

Pick a convenient and professional setting. 

If you have ever had to go to great lengths to get to a meeting, you know that any inconvenience can ruin your mood. It’s best not to get started that way. Pick a place that is easy to get to from major highways with free and ample parking. And enough can’t be said about a clean, updated setting since it helps you with first impressions.

Break the ice

An icebreaker seems like a cliché, but it’s actually quite an effective tool to set the tone for engagement. If it’s a meeting where no one knows each other, then introductions are an easy icebreaker. If it’s a meeting where everyone is well acquainted, then an effective tactic is asking everyone to say one outcome or goal they want to accomplish from the meeting. This will set the tone that engagement is expected.

Remove electronic distractions

It seems like we can live without our phones, tablets, or laptops. Time is a valuable commodity, and many of us multitask to meet deadlines and get everything we need to do in a day accomplished. But during meetings, it is important to be present and engaged in the topic at hand. Barring any unforeseen emergencies, remove any possible distractions and give every meeting your full attention.

Electronic distractions are not limited to phones, tablets, and laptops that belong to the participants. If you are using electronic devices to make a presentation, be sure that your tech is simple and issue free. Besides wasting time getting connected, you are bound to lose your audience to personal devices when you are not prepared.

Put people on the spot

I know – this sounds like it makes you, “that person,” at the meeting. But this is particularly important if you’re leading the meeting. Likewise, as a meeting participant, expressing yourself should be part of your active attendance. Plus, it will give the person on the spot the permission to add value. So, don’t be afraid to give others a gentle nudge.


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