Keep It Simple Stupid + More Top Tips To #SimplifyYourLife

In both our personal and professional lives, things can get complicated, cluttered and complex. Add to that mix, an increasingly competitive business environment with demanding work schedules that follow the same trajectory, and life can get downright overwhelming. The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week and it seems a perfect time to revisit some of the tried and true tactics to declutter our lives. 

Here’s why Simplify Your Life week is important:

  • You’ll be less stressed. According to a recent report put out by the American Psychological Association, American adults live with more stress than is healthy. Stress has been linked to a myriad of health problems from hypertension to anxiety to heart attacks.
  • You’ll think more clearly. With less physical and mental clutter, your mind will be freed up to focus. Your clarity will permeate into all areas of your life from productivity at work, innovation in the form of new ideas and improve your enjoyment of things you love in your personal life. 
  • You’ll be happier. Your efforts to simplify will clear room for meaningful, productive and passion pursuits. By prioritizing these things in your life, you’re almost guaranteed to find a higher level of overall satisfaction in your day-to-day life.

Kick Off Simplify Your Life Week With Tips From The Pros:

Marie Kondo – Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of the Japanese organization guru, Marie Kondo…but maybe you haven’t dug into her message. Kondo, says by tidying your space, you can transform your life. The trademarked (and hugely popular) KonMari Method suggests that tidying start by category instead of by room. It guides the material possession owner through an ordered list of items starting with clothes then books, papers, miscellaneous items and sentimental possessions. The goal is to release items that do not spark joy.

Tim Ferris – Tim Ferris has found success as a blogger, podcaster, best-selling author and, of course, entrepreneur. Tim Ferris, most widely recognized for his book, The 4-Hour Workweek, promotes a morning ritual as a way to win the day. By performing simple repetitive tasks like making the bed, journaling and meditation, Ferris believes you set yourself up for success each day.

The KISS Principle – Perhaps one of the most commonly-coined simplification mantras is, “Keep it simple stupid.” The principle was developed by Kelly Johnson, an engineer at Lockheed Skunk Works, Lockheed Martin’s advanced aircraft development program in the 1990s. The KISS principle is effective when designing products and software to make adoption easier for the end-user to master. However, the KISS principle is often tapped for other areas of life simplification. The basic premise being that the more we overanalyze, over explain and over-complicate things, the more stressful and unsuccessful our lives become.

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” As we add more material possessions, more commitments and more high-reaching goals to our lives, simplification can quickly escape us.  National Simplify Your Life week is the perfect time to revisit our (possibly) complicated lives and make adjustments as applicable.

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