We’re excited to introduce a new kind of shared co-working space here at Crown Center Executive Suites.

We have a semi-private room which features individual working spaces, separate from our current Shared Space room. That means that when you become a Premium Shared Space Member, you will have unlimited use of this desk space along with unlimited use (first-come, first-served) of a private shared space small conference room, and unlimited use (first-come, first-served) of a private phone room, and much more.

This office space is perfect for anyone that works from home and needs a professional workspace on a budget. Not a coffee shop but a real office, where they can spread out a little to get some work done. It’s an office in a box. There is no need to buy furniture or worry about connectivity either.

When you stop by to see our new Premium Shared Space, and you can take advantage of our introductory offer of 25% off the monthly membership fee for your first month.

Co-Working Space, Shared Space/Premium/Semi-Private Space, Private Phone Room, Shared Conf. Room

All shared space users receive guest receptionist greeting and WiFi.
Premium Member

Professional business address | Full month of desk space | 4 hours conference room use | Unlimited first come first served shared space conference room  | Private phone room use first come first served | 50 black/white copies per month |  WiFi |  Reception service

$225 / month Maximum of 3 names per business address (>3 available  @5.00 each)

You can learn more about co-working space and flexible office space solutions that meet every budget by clicking here.


Be a part of building your business community! You can do that by referring a friend or associate to Crown Center Executive Suites. When you do, we’ll reward you with 10% of the new client’s monthly agreement fee, for up to 12 months!