Balancing The Parent Track

Remote working comes in many forms including the full-time employee who uses tech tools like Skype and Slack to stay connected to the solopreneur that owns his or her own business with clients dispersed throughout the country and beyond. Remote working offers a unique opportunity for parents as they struggle to find balance in their career goals that sometimes conflict with their desires to be present as their kids grow up.

Gallop most recent report estimates that approximately 43% of American workers are working remotely in some fashion. As that trend continues upward, more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to widen their talent acquisition pool, optimize productivity and increase employees retention rates. A second report recently revealed that childcare can be more expensive than college tuition in many U.S. markets making remote an increasingly popular option for parents, but it is worth noting that this type of work is not without challenges.

Use These Remote Working Tips To Master The Parent Track

Transitioning As Kids Go Back To School – Summer is winding down, and the kids will be heading back to school soon. As their schedule changes, so does your work environment. If you are working from home, things are about to get much calmer and much quieter. Transitioning into your new “back to school” work environment is a perfect time to focus on productivity and take advantage of the solitude. Be sure to allow yourself some time to adjust to getting up earlier and the rigors and demands that the first few weeks of school can bring. Get to bed early. Don’t take on too much and give yourself time to get back into the swing of it all!

Defining Boundaries – Working remotely offers so much to parents who are trying to pursue a career and simultaneously win at the parenting game, but juggling it all can present a separate set of obstacles. Carefully defining boundaries can prevent distraction, burnout and lack of productivity. Here are some ways you can define boundaries as you work away from the office:

  • Set up an office space where the magic happens. It might spill into the living room on occasion, but designate a place that you can call your work area (preferably with a door).
  • Keep track of time, as best you can. Working remotely comes with the benefit of flexibility, but too much freewheeling can be detrimental. Start at the same time, get dressed (no, pajamas don’t count) and using planning tools to keep a semblance of a schedule.
  • Remind your family that you are working. Being home can sometimes give your family the impression that you are available. A simple reminder that you have work may limit interruptions to your work. Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a spouse, older family member or a babysitter on busy days when the kids are home.

Getting Creative With Office Space – There may come a time that you outgrow the corner in your bedroom or your slice the dining room table. At that point, you may need to find a creative office space solution that suits your remote working needs and your budget. Crown Center Executive Suites offer flexible workspace options for everyone that includes shared and virtual offices as well as meeting rooms.

For most parents, the benefits of working remote far outweigh the challenges. You’ll save on childcare costs, get rid of the commute and, probably, be more productive than if you are at the bustling office.  It is imperative, however, to set up the optimal working environment you need to succeed. By transitioning into new schedules, setting strong boundaries and creating an office space that support you, you’re sure to excel at remote working.

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