4 Ways To Add Real Meaning To Your Relationships

Success lies in authenticity. If the rise of the social media age has taught us anything, it has taught us that “keeping it real” is the only real option. We are all inundated with superficial connections on a daily basis, but the deeper more “real” connection stands out. In fact, it can be the secret sauce to our happiness and, ultimately, our success. The good news is: building meaningful relationships is easier than you might imagine.

Tips To Building Meaningful Relationships

  1. Don’t discount the value of the regular face-to-face. Life is busier than ever. The days, weeks and months seem to fly by before we can even say, “Happy New Year.” Even with our crazed schedules, it’s important to make the time for the face-to-face interaction with our core business circle. The value that’s gained when you sit down for the face-to-face can’t be replicated in any other format. Setting up a weekly, monthly or quarterly standing face-to-face meeting is an essential component to building meaningful relationships that go the distance.

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  1. Hosting an event to remember. Depending on your unique business, you may want to hold an educational seminar, a champagne mixer or even a charity auction to get your team together. Your goal might be to reward top clients, make more meaningful relationships with your network or build a stronger team.

Relationship Building Tip 2: Here’s an idea: pick a meaningful day and reward your inner circle with something they’ll love – food! Here at Crown Center Executive Suites, we’re celebrating World Kindness Day, November 13th, by hosting a free bagel breakfast for our tenants.

  1. Quick phone calls go a long way. When schedule’s get hectic, your clients or business partners can feel forgotten about. Keep your relationship moving forward with quick check-ins on a regular basis. Chances are strong that this small effort will pay off in dividends. A quick status check-in bridge the gap across time zones and keeps you connected to your network.

Relationship Building Tip 3: Tap into technology to help strengthen your relationships. Tools like Slack, Skype, Zoom, InVision and many others can turn quick check-ins into relationship building gold!

  1. Notice what’s on the walls. Mike Muhny, the creator of the ground-breaking relationship management software, ACT, recalled the early days of his career as a salesman at IBM. He adopted a strategy of looking on his sales prospects’ walls. While this was great for a salesperson trying to get a meeting with a top decisionmaker, it also helps build strong, long-lasting relationships in all aspects of your business life. Does your top client’s son play Little League Baseball? Has your number one vendor just returned from a sailing trip in the Med? Or maybe, your colleague’s family member has been struggling with health issues lately. People love to feel like someone remembered to inquire about their personal life, and it shows you actually care about them as a human being.

Relationship Building Tip 4: Tap into technology to help strengthen your relationships. Tools like Slack, Skype, Zoom, InVision and many other platforms can turn quick check-ins into relationship building gold!

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