Feeling stressed out on a regular basis…

As a professional, it is common to constantly feel the pressure of balancing work and personal endeavors. By now, we have all seen and heard the long list of how stress negatively impacts our health and productivity. We are reminded that in order to achieve optimal results in the workplace, professionals must try to manage stress as much as possible. Working out, a little me-time, or perhaps a quick massage sometimes seems like the impossible. Actually, these little joys may not be as out of reach as you might think.

What do we do at Crown Center Executive Suites to add a little zest to our day?

We get social! We certainly believe in getting things done but a quick Facebook break in the day or a pit stop at the water cooler is a great way can provide just the mental break that you need.

Streamline errands. Fortunately for us, our business center offers a few cool amenities like on-site car wash services, dry cleaning pick up/drop off and even shoe shine/repair. If you are not as lucky, seek out resources that are close to your office and schedule your lunch during an off time to get things done. This will help free up some time, eliminate some driving and help you avoid stressful lines.

Grab that me-time. Seriously, we know it’s hard! But it makes a difference. Brisk walks, working out and massages help us refresh and revive. Again, we are feeling blessed that we have these services at our disposal at CCES but it’s not out of reach for you either. Your Office Manager or Property Manager is generally an excellent resource. Check to see if there is a list available of professional that provide these services your area. You may even get a neighborly discount as many businesses are trying to attract new clientele from the area.

Once you are finally able to de-stress and relax, productivity and creativity within the office will increase exponentially.

As a professional management team, Crown Center Executive Suites understands that many of their clients tend to be under a lot of stress on a daily basis. In order to create a peaceful and productive work environment and meet the needs of the busy professionals, Crown Center Executive Suites offers private offices, shared spaces, and meeting rooms with Class-A amenities. These amenities, which include an on-site gym, business lounge, complimentary coffee/tea bar, on-site car wash, dry cleaning pick up/drop off, shoe shine/repair, and massage and chiropractic services, provides additional conveniences for our clients. Contact the front desk for a list of the Crown Center Executive Suites amenities.