Leading By Example: Life Lessons Our Kids Learn From Our Careers

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “What you do speaks so loud I cannot hear what you said.” As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s a nice time to reflect on the lessons Moms and Dads alike teach their kids each day by hitting the grindstone. As working parents, we often sacrifice a bit of self-care, occasionally arrive late the baseball game and sometimes resort to ham sandwiches for dinner to save time, but we set an example for our kids that is much more valuable. A recent study by Harvard Business Review concluded that working parents did not have a negative impact on their children as once perceived. In fact, there is mounting evidence that children of working parents are higher earners and more successful in their own careers. Check out some of the important lessons we teach our kids when we head out each morning to do our hustle – whatever that may be:

  • A family is like a team; everyone plays a role. When the parents are working outside the home, everyone has to pitch in to carry the load. In fact, studies show that boys who have working parents do two times more housework than those who have at least one stay-at-home parent. The value of understanding how their contribution keeps things running smoothly is an important life lesson.
  • Having a good work ethic means you can always land on your feet. Watching your parents perfect their career growth helps kids understand the value of hard work. When this strong work ethic is locked in at a young age, you can rest assured that your kids will always find their way.
  • Quality matters more than quantity. Ever been to the park and noticed the parents who sit on a bench checking their phones versus the parents who are in the moment playing tag with the kids? The parents who are working up a sweat and making a fool out of themselves to make their kids laugh might be working parents. They don’t have all the time with their kids that they would like, but they make the most out of the time they have. Quality always wins over quantity in work and in life.
  • The shape of work is changing. The trends of today’s workforce are on a trajectory that will likely continue to evolve as the younger members of the family grow up. Big corporations still house thousands of employees, in many cases, but more and more, the remote, non-office workforce is requiring more creative workspaces. The office space of yesterday is changing and, by the time, your children are at working age, it will look even different. Having a front row seat with working parents to witness this shift may help future workers be more adaptable to change.

Crown Center Executive Suites in Fort Lauderdale, Florida wishes Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-working moms out there. Remember, your kids are watching you and learning about how to create a successful career every day with your example! Crown Center Executive Suites offers workspace options to fit working parents’ business needs that include:

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