Like Magic Manifest Your Goals In Q4 With Laser Focus

2019 is speeding to the finish line whether we are ready or not. If you are bracing yourself for the slide into New Year’s Eve with a concern that 90 days might not be enough to accomplish your yearly goals, you have the magic to make it happen. 

No, it’s not a magic potion or witch’s brew that will manifest your success. It comes down to focusing on your goals and refining (if needed) the path to accomplish them. Grab these tips to sharpen up your focus and get ready to shred those year-end goals. While we might not be able to help you stop the clock or offer a magic spell, we can help you set up for fourth-quarter success. 

5 Ways To Stay Ridiculously Focused As We Close The Year


  • Start by assessing current status. You may have been putting off running the reports, compiling the data and analyzing your current status, but now is the time. Without further delay, take the time now to check out where you are and how your trending toward the goals you set for the end of the year. The results may not always be positive, or you might find good news that you’re right on target. Either way, the knowledge and insight you gain will empower toward a focused and productive close the quarter and the year.
  • Revisit your EOY goals. As you access the intel needed to see where you stand, your next logical step is to adjust goals up or down, if needed. If you are on track to meet the goals you set late last year, would it be beneficial (and realistic) to up the ante and shoot for even more! These are good problems to have, by the way. Be sure to make challenging yet achievable adjustments to set your team up for success. On the contrary, if you are likely not going to meet your goals, is it time to change or scale back the target? Rather than looking at this effort as a failure, you can look at it as a market adjustment and a good dose of reality – which is always beneficial.
  • Identify blocks that hold you back. No matter where you stand in relation to your end of the year goals, the kick-off of the fourth quarter is a perfect time to unpack, identify and address obstacles that get in the way of your business’s success. This information might be gleaned in the form of data, employee surveys or customer feedback. You might find that you need to add to staff, change a vendor, update your processes or technology or all of the above.
  • Eliminate time-wasting activities. Any business has a reactive nature to some degree as well as activities that drain time and money with little in return. Some of this is just the “nature of the beast.” Some time-wasting activities, however, can be avoided or eliminated. For example, businesses have set meeting policies to help optimize time spent inside the meeting rooms. Others have used technology tools to reduce the use of email and thus reduce time-spent reacting to an influx in the inbox. By identifying time-wasting activities in your own day as well as the day of your team members, you can get closer to optimal productivity and, of course, goal achievement.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize. It’s that time of year when distractions abound. Holidays, family obligations and in-office festivities can take our focus off our goals. While it is important to enjoy the fun that the fourth quarter brings, don’t let it derail your strong performance for the year. Help your team understand that you value the holiday season and it entails but staying focused is essential by leading through example and communicating goals and expectations clearly.

If office space is a challenge or obstacle that stands in the way of your yearly goals, you have options. Crown Center Executive Suites, easily accessed in Fort Lauderdale, can accommodate your workspace needs with a wide variety of options that are both affordable and top quality. Check out Crown Center for flexible workspace choices such as:

  • Long and short-term office space
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As we roll into the end of the year at lightning speed, it seems, the need to stay laser focused on our goals is more intense than ever. Follow these steps to ensure you know where  you stand and know how to cross the 2019 finish line with success. And, if flexible workspace options can assist you in reaching those goals, Crown Center is standing by.

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