Race To The End Of The Year: Time For A Client Check-in?

In today’s work environments, we can go for extended periods without ever looking into the eyes of customers, clients or even colleagues. Tools like Slack, Basecamp, Skype and “old-fashioned” email make it easy to get work done without in-person interactions or face-to-face meetings. Agile and LEAN management philosophies also support cutting meeting time and eliminating any unnecessary or wasteful activity that might distract from your focus on key business objectives. Add in the growth of the solopreneur who works independently and does not have a water cooler to take a social break near, and you’ve got a serious reduction in face-to-face meetings or human interaction of any kind.

The case for face-to-face meetings is strong and, as we sprint toward the end of 2018, it may be time for the in-person check-in, here’s why:

The you-are-here theory works. It’s easier to reach your yearly goals if you measure them. That seems like something that could go without saying, but the fact is that we often get so busy in the demands of our day-to-day task, that we take our eye off the big picture and may come up short of our goals without this midpoint check-in.

Nonverbal cues are lost on email. Your award-winning smile or your client’s look of confusion can be lost on the digital screen. The chance to reply to nonverbal cues and make sure you are clearly understood in your meaning can be invaluable and worth the time it takes to set up face-to-face meetings.

It shows you care. Whether your reason for face-to-face meetings is to meet with an employee, a team of partners or a long-time client, the effort shows that they are important to you. In short, it solidifies your relationship.

Bad news is better delivered in-person. Price increases, performance issues and constructive feedback are often better delivered verbally and even better when you are sitting across a table from the recipient. Whether you are the accountant that has to be the bearer of bad-tax-news to your client or the boss who has to have a heart-to-heart with an underperforming salesperson, an in-person meeting is the way to go.

It may sync up with others’ working styles. Have you ever had a client that just prefers to shake hands and catch up once in a while? You may be perfectly happy with the occasional “hope you’re doing well” via email, but that’s not everyone’s style. Be sure to meet your important clients at their style once in a while to keep them feeling important!

It’s easier than ever to make it happen. Even if your home office is, well, inside your home or you’re operating from a no-frills warehouse, you can still host comfortable and professional meetings with the help of Crown Center Executive Suites. Whether you need to host a two-person meeting or a team retreat, we have the accommodations to suit your needs.


While 2018 continues to screech by at lightning speed, now is the perfect time to pump the breaks for a mid-year check-in. It’s a key time to check where you are, assess where you want to be and reaffirm how you’re going to get there. And, the value of a face-to-face meeting can’t be discounted!

Reach out to Crown Center Executive Suites today to book your meeting room that includes amenities such as:

  • Flexibility to book by the hour, day, or week.
  • LED Plasma TVs, whiteboards, and speakerphones
  • Coffee bar
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Ready to set up your mid-year face-to-face meetings?