“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

Jacob Wilder, Director of Communications and Technology with BOMA Georgia, recently wrote an article for Association Advisor about multitasking. It started with this quote by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and we LOVED it!

The quote IS a great illustration of how today’s busy Association Professionals tackle a multitude of projects, problems, and people demanding attention. We find that many of our business owners and independent professionals deal the pressures the same way.

The article, Turn Your Multitasking Struggle Into a Single-Tasking Juggle outlines some scientific reasons for why multitasking is just not efficient. Did you know that it’s impossible to multitask? We can only switch from one task to another at a rapid pace.


Wilder asks several seasoned Association Managers to share their best advice on how to single-task and get things done. Some of the advice includes The Two Minute Email Rule to the Pomodoro Work Method.

Lowell Aplebaum, CAE, with Next Connextion points out, “Not everything can be single task. We have interruptions, colleagues who suddenly need us, back-to-back meetings, the member or volunteer pop-in or call. I think what is important here is to look at what is on the plate, and recognize and prioritize those key work areas where you will get to a better end product if you were single-tasking.”

Click here to read on to find out some tried-and-true methods for staying focused and productive task management.

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