Spread Out Yet Connected: Tech Tools Remote Workers Need Now

Today’s workforce is more spread out than ever before, and the trend is poised to continue in the years to come. Using a remote workforce solves office space constraints, opens up the talent recruiting playing field as well as promotes work/life balance. As the workforce shifts toward this remote, spread out schematic, it faces challenges to connectivity. A disconnected, disengaged workforce is less than productive and suffers in terms of innovation, creativity and culture. The good news is, however, technology can confront these challenges head-on and may even make your workforce more connected than ever before.

3 Ways Tech Tools Can Keep Your Workforce Connected Even If It’s Miles Apart

  • Collaboration Momentum – Your collaborative efforts don’t have to suffer just because you can’t pop into your co-worker’s office with a quick question. Even water cooler moments that are good for cultural strength and teambuilding are easily accomplished with tech tools that are in some ways better than the real thing!
    • SLACK – Unless you’ve been living under a rock or completely offline, you’ve heard of Slack. No list of tech tools would be complete with a nod to the billion dollar unicorn known as Slack. Slack has quickly risen to the top of the list for tech tools that support connectivity for teams that are spread out across the globe or even around the building. Slack is great for quick questions to keep productivity flowing, social interactions as well as an online meeting tool.
    • SKYPE – Skype is a global go-to for video chat and is a great solution to meeting needs for employees who can’t meet up in the flesh. With a simple internet connection and a free account, your team is connected and looking into the whites of each other’s eyes. A nice attribute of choosing Skype is that it has been around for so long, so the learning curve is a non-issue. Most people already know how to use Skype and likely have an account setup.

Pro Tip: While tech tools like Skype and Slack are amazing ways to stay connected, they can create an “always available” attitude that cuts into focus and productivity. Don’t hesitate to put on the do not disturb status when you are giving all your attention to a project or deadline.

  • Project Management Near Or Far – Oftentimes, project management is an area that could use improvement, whether we have teams that are spread out or not. Implementing an easy-to-learn project management platform can substitute mundane meetings, promote accountability and provide insights, especially when workers are not in the same building.
    • ASANA – Asana is a user-friendly PM tool that has a freemium model as well as a paid option that offers more users and more features. From creating roadmaps to guiding creative projects through the handoff process, Asana can save time, eliminate (identify) bottlenecks and deepen team collaboration.
    • BASECAMP – Basecamp is another extremely popular tool that can help sync up your team’s productivity, eliminate email overload and provide insight into strengths and weaknesses that may exist in your organization’s work style.

Pro Tip: As you look for the right project management tool for you, consider the tech tools you are already using and look for PM tools that sync up to create efficiencies.

  • Brainstorming On-demand – You’ve probably heard someone say, “brainstorming is best done face-to-face.” Well, unfortunately, they might be right brainstorming is in many cases best done face-to-face, but there are always tech tools that offer work-arounds.
    • CREATIVE WORKSPACES – If your team is spread out across the globe and/or your current office space is not conducive an in-person brainstorming, you still have options. Office space options such as one-day conference room rental, virtual offices and meeting rooms with all the tech and comfort levels are now readily available to meet the needs of today’s non-traditional workforce.
    • VIRTUAL MEETING TOOLS – Join.me reports that it has 15 million users worldwide and Webex touts similar numbers and projects an upward trend. These tools offer freemium, individual and enterprise options to fit the need of its customers who need to have video meetings to promote collaboration.

Pro Tip: Don’t rule out a combination of onsite and tech to accomplish your creative needs. Even if you don’t have the office space to accommodate your team, many solutions are available.

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